Krishna Pass HOGAYA!!!!

9 03 2009
Hello Everybody,
So what am i going to talk about. Well the name of the post said i passed in something. So what did i clear which warrants me to write a post. Now that I am no more a college student(I never cared, as i knew i would clear most of my AU papers). The exam which i cleared is one of the exams which i have been dreading for around one year now. No prizes for guessing. Its my JLPT
(Japanese Language Proficiency Test). My previous posts(in wordpress) would have given you an idea as to how i struggled grasping the damned language. I have not cleared any tests except the very first test(It was a pratial open book test). We were saying three months more to exam so lets study, then said two months yaar, we can study and finally it was exactly 30 days to go with little or no preparation for the exam. Our company having invest a good amount of money on this training was expecting some returns and the pressure started to build. Moreover we were on a bond, which meant we may have to pay money if we didn’t clear. The final 30 days the real studying started. I was jumping from kanjis to meanings to grammar studyin nothing properly. As days went by i grew somewhat in confidence cose i started understanding the questions(till that¬†month all our answers were based on probability ūüėČ ). But that was not enough for me to clear any of the mock/model tests. The final month had elapsed. In all my practise tests i was got somewhere around 60% in 2 sections, but i lacked practise in the other section. TO give a brief idea about the sections. The JLPT is made up of three sections.
1. Kanji and Vocabs
2. Kikitori(Listening)
3. Grammar
Section 2 I had no time to prepare. We needed 60% overall to clear the exam(240/400).
The day of exam came and i went into the exam hall with the distinction of clearing just a single test out of the n number of tests we had written. Section 1 was easy and i was confident that i will get 60+/100 in that section.
Kikitori was a disastor. While the listening section was in progress, I could hear only Naka muka naka muka song (cinema songs which was played in a nearby building was heard more prominently). I just trusted probability and GOD. Special thanks to Siddhart.
Grammar was moderate. I thought i would get around 110-120/200 allocated in this section.
The exam got over and it was a big relief for most of us. Next thing i did after finishing the exam was to enjoy a movie at satyam. Results would be published in around two months time(We wrote the exams on december the results would come around feb end) and we knew that was loads of time to elapse…
One fine day, in the end of february, while i was attending a training of Unix and C my friends said the result had come and i had passed. I never bothered to know my marks. Knowing that I had cleared was a big relief(Given that i have never failed a major exam). After a few days i went to collect my marksheet. It read….
Writing-Vocabulary – 72/100
Listening – 57/100
Reading-Grammar – 123/200
Total – 252/400
3rd Level Passed
I had just managed to clear.
I cleared the first and the last test(the test which mattered the most).
I cleared JLPT level 3
Until my next post
KP  РThe Devilz advocate


15 11 2008

With the economic crisis hitting em hard, the indian IT companies are cutting costs left, right and center. This post is inspired by such cost cutting drives across various organisations.

Lets start from TOILET PAPERS

-> No more toilet papers/Tissue papers in the handwash

REASON GIVEN BY MANAGEMENT : For every tissue/toilet paper we use, we cut down a tree. Lets save our environment. Lets save trees. Let us be eco friendly.


NETRU(YESTERDAY) -> There was around 4 – 5 containers in each restroom.

INDRU(TODAY) -> Single tub


SOME WHERE DOWN THE FUTURE: Just kadalai maavu and sengal thool(Brickpowder).

RESON GIVEN BY MANAGEMENT: Don’t you guys know soap contains harmful chemicals which not only damages our ecosystem but our gentle skin.


NETRU -> 20 C maintained everywhere 24*7*366

INDRU -> Reduced cooling, A/C only during the regular working hours.

NAALAI -> A/C eduku fan podhum!!!(Why do u need A/C fan is more than enough)

SOMEWHERE DOWN THE FUTURE -> Only one fan per Development Center. Verthuchuna vanthu 5 nimisham ninutu poonga.(I you sweat go stand under the fan for 5 mins)

GOING FURTHER DOWN THE FUTURE -> Ada fan lam edhuku pa. Jennala Tharandhu vitudunga. Summa kulu kuluntu kathu varum.(Hey why would you need a fan. Open the window and let the cool breeze flow in).

REASON GIVEN BY MANAGEMENT -> A/C emit CFC which destorys the ozone layer. And btw fresh natural air is good for health yaar.


NETRU -> All elevators running in perfectly

INDRU -> The number of elevators functioning is reduced by a factor of 2

NAALAI -> No elevators. Use the stairs people.

REASON GIVEN BY MANAGEMENT -> You guys need some exercise, dont you?? Climbing stairs is a very good exercise it keeps ur body fit and helps in having a healthy heart.


NETRU and INDRU -> Fully functional GYM


REASON GIVEN BY MANAGEMENT -> Athan padikat eri erangi exercise panrengala ethuku mela exercise thevayapa??(You already exercise by climbing stairs right? How much more exercise will ya do??) Dont be obessesed guys.


NETRU -> A very good facility with TT, badminton, carrom, chess etc. In case of bat or ball broken the replacement arrives quickly

INDRU-> A decent facility. The only problem is it takes around 10 Р15 days for the replacements to come and the quality of accessories

NAALAI -> Why don’t you guys bring your own acessories?

SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LINE -> DO we need a games room???

REASON GIVEN BY MANAGEMENT -> Vela nerathula enna vilayaatu. RAASCAL!!(Stupid, No play during work hours!!!)


INDRU ->  Hot n Cold bubble tops with paper cups.

NAALAI -> Filter water with one steel tumbler(cup) attached to a chain.

SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LINE -> Ada tumbler lam eduku pa, Than kaiyye thanaku udavi.(Why do you need cups, hands are the greatest gift given by god to us. Use it!!!)

BOTTOMLINE -> Bring water from your home.

REASON -> Recent study has shown that packaged water contains mercury, lead, chlorine, bacteria greater than the prescribed ppm. The company wants all the employees to be safe and healthy.


ENDRU -> 1MB RAM 160 GB HDD Core 2 Duo workstations for each employee.

NAALAI -> The number of workstations will be reduced by a factor of X(x:5->infinity(Dont ask stupid questions as to how you can reduce by a factor of infinity)). People will share the system on a round robin basis. WHen you get access to the system you need to have your code ready written on a piece of paper and key it in.(Anna university la intha mathiri panna nyabagam irukula??;))



Thats all i can think of. If you have anything better do post it in as your comments.

P.S. I am not responsible if any of the admin guys see it and think of implementing it ūüėČ

Till my next post adieu

KP – TheDevilzAdvocate


26 08 2008

Hello everyone. It feels really nice to write a post. Its been eons since my last post and my blog has virtually died!! So this is one of my efforts to revive a dying blog. So whats this post goin to be about?? Except for the name nothing is goin to be about japanese unlike the previous post. So what does tht word mean?? Shikataka – nai means “NO WAY OUT” and this post is all about hows theres no way out currently for me a.k.a How my corporate journey is. Life was goin lazy after my college ended. sleep late, wake up late. Play games, watch movies, Play cricket in the evening, hang out with the likes of ganijuu, raghuveer, manoj, lax, vichu, arvind to name a few. Life i thought was goin too lazy and started becomin boring. I wished they would give my doj asap and start up the new phase of my life.¬† Then a email came sayin that they will start off with our e learnin modules. Those were the days when we were playin cricket in SCG(read as Somasundarum cricket ground) almost every alternate day(the other days i had my nihongo class). It used to be loads of fun(for more info read laxmans or ganeshs blog or wait for more details in my forthcoming posts(dont knw when)). One fine evening after i reached home from our rigorous cricket shcedule i saw a mail sayin that there was a Software engineering course a Roger pressman series. I went in to see the contents. It was more than what we did in our semester course and the time duration was(any guesses????) around a week . We had to learn 20 chapters and test for each chapter.

There was this quote which given by Roger pressman in one of the chapters “The managers always find ways to work out¬†a time line which is highly impossible to stick to and ask to devleopers to adhere to them”. I had¬†a hearty laugh and later realised as to how true those words were. A couple of days went, i found time to do the SE series amidst the busy lazy schedule i had and I wasnt goin anywhere. Deadlines were nearin and something had to be done.

“If there is a system, there are ways to circumvent the system”, true to this we managed to complete the course with a day to spare. There was a lull for a cpl of days. There is a tamil saying “puyaluku min amaithi”. A puyal or cyclone was in waiting. And it came as a next mail. This was a course on C, DBMS and OOAD. With again a week to go. The more funny part was, we had been given our DOj with entersected with the days of course completion. After again findin ways to circumvent the system and a bit of extensions we finished our e-learning modules. In mean time our induction started.

The best way to sum up my first 3 days of induction was “Nice food and blood in ears”. Then started the actual training. The first big bomb we had was “9 hours of trainin 6 days a week”. I felt like from fire to fryin pan. It was like MSEC extension. The next thing was 4 days a week pakka formals with tie. Ppl who knw me well must be knwin the fact as to how much i hate wearing formals and ithu mela tie kattanum na thangala. Ippove eppadi na what next??

The first day of trainin we were said we will be trained on .Net and nihongo(We flunked badly in our exams, so re training).¬† In .net we were supposed to clear 2 MS certifications. As far as japanese was concerned one of the PMs came and asked the concerns. Our great Raghavendran and Hari said language barrier was one of the greatest barrier and we all nodded our heads. The PM noted our concerns and went. The trainin began as usual. We were first taught c# and a new indian sensei came. We recieved our MS books and to my utter shock, while our training was to focus on improvin the general programmin and familiarizing with programin( which i didnt find much of a task since i am B.E CSE lols), the certification required an in depth handling of concepts and it was prescribed for guys havin atleast 2 yrs of programming exp which none¬† of us had. The japanese trainin started in full flow. We had to first revise the level 4 portions finish it by end of august or before that and start off with level 3. We were required to take level 3 exams by the end of december. And thus started our training. I start at home by 7 45 in the morning and get home by 7. When we were complainin about our schedules our japanese sensei told “SHIKATAKA NAI” and thats what its. There is truly no way out rather than facing it and finishin it successfully. Life in corporate is not sweet. Its tough and demanding. Chumma va kaasu kudukaran??!!! Till my next post. Adieu


Krishna – thedevilzadvocate


P.S: There will be lots of typos and grammatical mistakes. Pls bear with me.

I feel this is not one of my best written posts given the amount of time i dedicated to this post. So if u feel its below par u gotta manage with it!!

Me Vs Nihongo

10 06 2008

Hello everyone. Hope everything is fine. Its been long time, rather a¬† veryyyyyyyyyyy long time since my post. Its been 25 days since my exams got over and its 11 19 PM i just decided to write something. But what shall i write? After a bit of delibration i decided to write something light (In the sense that i don’t get a WAR of Comments ūüėČ ). Well if u hadn’t guessed it right from the topic, this post is gonna be about my experiences learning “Nihongo”. Well the etymology of this word is ‘Nihon’ -> Japan and ‘Go’ -> language. In short my experiences durin my japanese classes. If i run a small flashback my tryst with ‘Nihongo’ started in december when the organisation which recruited me gave an option of learning japanese. Well fortunately or unfortunately (This only time will answer. Hope its former than the latter). I was one of the 20 students who got enrolled from my college. The classes were scheduled Tue, Thur and Sat 5 30 PM to 8 30 PM.

The first class started in december. My teacher asked us what we knew about japan. Those were the days when i was playin AOE2 quite regularly and i just said about the korean war and stuff thanks to AOE history of civilzation menu. And i barely controlled my giggles when my teacher said ” You have a very good knowledge about the country’s history and its relationship with neighbours”. Then came our first test. Most of us weren’t familiar with the alphabets and it turned out to be a open book test and that was the only test in which i have managed a PASS. We were supposed to finish with our JLPT Level 4 and level 3 portions before we join the company. Days passed, months passed JLPT level 4 came to an end. A mock test was conducted. It was a 3 hour test based on the JLPT pattern. As usual most of us didn’t study a thing as those were the days when our univ exams were nearin in. Our teachers got changed and we had a native japanese teacher or ‘Sensei’ teaching us.

The first part of the test was based on ‘kanji’ reading. Well if u dont knw what ‘kanji’ is, jus google and U will defintely get an idea of the difficulties. There were¬†a couple of kanjis which i could recognize, the others were¬†just a combination of lines and curves which¬†created more confusion than clarity. (In short jelabi ah pichu pota mathiri erundhuchu).¬†

The second part was¬†listening comphrehension. In short¬†it was a total disaster. ¬†Suthama pesarthu onnume purila. There were few known words amdist words which can be termed as ‘noise’. The third part was grammar. It was relatively ok compared to the previous two parts.When the results were announced, there were no surprises to know that out of a class of 26 only 3(ya all 3 were gals) had passed.

Well my japanese classes (were,) is (and will) never boring, thanks due to the people around me. Its loads of fun. People gettin teased and people teasin. There’s Mimicry Mannan “G K(arthik)”. The day he mimiced Hari’s, mine and host of others voices is unforgettable. Hari is known for his Idly and Getti chutney dialouge. Aashiq is the favourite of our ‘Sensei’ for whenever¬†the words¬†“BEER” and “WINE” comes his name is attached to sentence or a reference is made to him. Then there is PUNTER POONAI a.k.a Sai Ganesh and NAVEEN who’s names are taken whenever sentences with ‘DATING’ and ‘GIRL FRIENDS’ are formed. U can guess the atmosphere and words exchanged when these sentences are formed!

RAGHAVENDRAN is the most regular person of our class. He always comes late ( It will definitely rain if he comes early) and once he gets settled down in his seat switches on the computer and starts browsin. And on IPL and other match days he constantly updates us with the scores. There is always a competion in these aspects between Raghav and Vishwesh(Velammal). Rendu perum potti potukitu late ah varuvanga and rendu perum potti potukitu scores papanga.

Did i miss anyone? Ah the class is never complete without VADAI san a.k.a Sriram. He is known for his intellectual questions. One day he had asked our teacher¬† “What will you do if there is a Volcano??”.¬†WHat a quesion!! WHat a question!!¬†A question which can stump the greatest of intellects in this universe. The rest of the class supports these great stalwarts by constant appreciation for their acts.

Thus goes my experiences durin my japanese classes. The recent test i got 7 on 30 and lets hope i get better marks in future tests. Yah athuku padikanum theridhu. Lets hope i do that too. Till my next post its Krishna signing off!! Adios.


Women (In)Equality

8 03 2008

Hello everyone. Nice to meet you after a brief lull. So whats this post gonna be. Am i going to be a pro – feminist and say women must be given equal rights and blah and blah or is it goin to be a post dominated by male chauvinism…. Well read on, you may find that out.

I was watching the railway budget session, Lalluji made some announcement about concession to all women till they complete their graduation. I thought thats a decent move to woo the female voters.

A couple of days after this, a friend of mine called me and said check the class groups, it seems some news about Microsoft placement. And when I checked the group mail, I was kinda taken aback, astonished, dumb struck(well i still cannot find the proper adjective). The mail read thus

“Hi ppl,

A¬† good news for our campus is that MICROSOFT was invited our college for the ‘All India Placements for Women Engineers!!

The criterion for placements if that one must me a B.E/B.Tech or M.E/M.Tech in C.S.E or I.T streams only.


Please register at………”

Now whats microsoft thinking?? I can understand Lalluji’s intentions, this being an election year. Does Microsoft think that men are incompetent or does Microsoft think “WOMEN ARE NOT CAPABLE ENOUGH TO COMPETE WITH MEN…”, thats a question, the answer for which still eludes me.¬†

Then came the Budget 2008. As a person whos gonna start earning in a few months, I was majorly interested on what PC would do about the “Direct Taxes”. The first announcement regarding the increase on tax bracket from 1.1 lacs p.a to 1.5 lacs p.a came amidst loud cheers. PC followed¬† it with a shocker “and for women 1.85 lacs p.a….”

Now why is this Inequality? Why¬†are the major industries and¬†the government trying to woo women? And most importantly why does a gender which¬†dosen’t¬†just say but boasts itself of not only being equal,¬†but also being¬†better¬†to their¬†male counterparts,¬†be happy with such announcements?¬†Can we infer from these announcements that the claim made by most of our female counterparts are just a hollow claim with no substance? If thats not the¬†case why do they accept such¬†offers which clearly shows women are weaker and need extra support?

There are some questions which cannot¬†be answered. And there are some questions which people are afraid to answer. I think i’ll never get answers to my questions.

Till my next post adieu



  • What do i say here?? Just feel free to comment. I wanna hear your views especially the views of my female friends.

Moron Magnet – “Like Poles attract”

20 01 2008

Hello everybody!! Hope you all had a wonderful 2007. I would like to wish you all a very very happy, prosperous and an adventurous 2008. Its been quite sometime since i wrote my last post. My exams, project hunt and above all my innate laziness have kept me away from writing. After some pestering by my friends Raghu and Vidya, here i am writing this post. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing this. And hey, i dedicate this post to all those intelligent people who call themselves moron magnets.

Well all of us know the meaning for Moron right!!?? In case u happen to have missed the word, a “moron” is a dumb or a¬†stupid person. So what or who is¬†a “moron magnet”?? The meaning is quite obvious isn’t it? A moron magnet is someone who attracts morons, as simple as it can get. The word “magnet” can be quite misleading and the presence of this word makes many intelligent (Duh) people calling themselves “MORON MAGNETS”. Now why is the word ‘magnet’ misleading?? Magnets attract, but its unlike poles which attract in the physical magnet. And this property of magnetism makes it quite fashionable and attractive for¬†the usage of this phrase. Isn’t this usage justified?¬†And¬†ain’t¬†I being a big moron¬†¬†saying “Like poles attract”??

Well its very true that this property of magnetism holds really good in physical magnets, but, with respect to human magnets will the same law hold good. Now lets think of this scenario for a moment. We do make friends right? What do you think will be the criteria?? Compatibility, cohesiveness, ability to make adjustments to name a few. Now how possible or probable is it for two individuals with strikingly dissimilar likes and characteristics to strike a great, thick and close friendship and on the other side what will be the possibility or probability of two individuals with almost similar or complementing characteristics being best buddies?

Wanna think more. Lets take it to the next level. Would you want a life partner with very contrasting characteristics or would you prefer a guy/gal who complements your thoughts and lifestyle?

We all talk about matching wavelengths? With what kind of people do we expect matching wavelengths? Now if we are able to answer all the questions, it will give us a good idea about the characteristics of human magnets. Now I leave it to my readers to decide on whether I am justified in saying Moron Magnets – “Like Poles attract” after trying to think about the questions put forth previously. Your comments are always weclome and till my next post adios.

KP – The devilzadvocate


  1. The human attraction theory is very complex and i dealt only with the majority of cases. Don’t start an argument citing few exceptions. I believe that i dealt with a fact in majority of cases and if you find this contradictory i am open for arguments.
  2. There can be arguments and comments and please don’t start a fight out here. This is my humble request.
  3. Again I request you to not to comment as anon. Lets be brave in what we comment and stand by it if we are right.

From Friendship to Love – Betrayal or ?????

10 10 2007

Hello everyone. The Devilzadvocate is back. Special thanks to Raghu, for its because of him i took out some time from my busy schedule(Which includes playin games, watchin TV and sleeping) and writing
this post. This post is dedicated to Raghu and to all those people who have experienced what this post is all about.

Friendship and love are the two most beautiful words in any language. And i believe most of us would have experienced both in some way or the other. But the thing which bamboozles everyone like a Muralitharan’s doosra is the transistion from friendship to love. I would say this is something which has the potential to torment or give the butterfly effect when ya think about it. It is said that there is a thin line which separates friendship and love, but the thing which goes unsaid is that you would never know as to when you breach that laksman rekha. Infact its a pity that sometimes people who cross the line fail to realize or dont want to realize the fact. King khan in his film Kuch Kuch hota hai quotes a few lines which conveys the meaning that his best friend would become his lover. Is this always the case? Do people really think it this way? The billion rather trillion Euro question is “Is it a Sin to propose a friend??”¬† Well the irony is that people not only consider this a sin, but say something like “BETRAYAL OF FRIENDSHIP”. According to me betrayal is too heavy a word to use. The acceptance or dismissal of the proposal according to me is strongly governed by the LADDER THEORY. It holds good especially for girls… No offences meant, but lets face the fact. Its mostly girls who say ” How can you say like this? U had betrayed our friendship. Friendship has lost its sanctity because of you and blah blah blah…” Goes on and on (even Duracell batteries will loose the race here). My poser to all those great minds would be ” Dont you people think that keeping something in his/her mind and sham around as if nothing is happening is a bigger crime??”. “Is it not a desirable quality to speak out your mind?”. Its time we grow up and accept certain facts as they are. If people say that understanding is the most important thing you expect from a person who is gonna share your life, whats the furore if a good friend with whom there is a considerable understanding expresses his/her desire?
So am I coming to say that you should accept a proposal from a friend? The answer to this question is a definite and a BIG “No”. What I want to say is dont go around slinging mud on the person who had committed the only offence of loving you. If thats what you think should be done… Bang your head once and start using your brains.



  • If you have been on the receiving end, then one thing i would say¬† is “Don’t loose heart. You should rather be happy and thank god for saving you from a person who doesn’t deserve your love and your friendship. Yaaruku theriyum innoruvati ungaluku bulb yeriyalam, mani adiakalaam and this time its a story with the happy ending.
  • If you think that u are being pestered by someone to love them. Then make them realize that love doesnt come by pestering. If the other person is an ass, then it warrants a more strict approach.
  • Now dont give me the story that u love ur country, love ur parents blah blah blah. You must know what love i am talkin about. If u don’t either u are a 5 year old kid or a brainless moron.
  • If you are gonna comment please dont be a coward and send it as anonymous. If you are not brave enough then you are not fit to comment.
  • I would love to listen to your views.

And finally i couldn’t find an appropriate word to put in the title. I had filled with “?”. If you think that you can give me the word that i am looking for please do post it as a comment. And that person who gives the word i am looking for would get a “Diary Milk”(You gotta come and get it from me.)